Thursday, October 24, 2013

World's Greatest Farmer Showdown, by Angela

Team Red Hill, with Brendan's Family (all pics by Angela)
Brendan, Molly, Josh, and I represented Red Hill Farm at "The World's Greatest Farmer Showdown," Sunday, October 20th. A seriously silly and physically demanding competition of true farmer nature. Proudly our team placed in three out of the four events and won the bonus tug-of-war. Overall, we placed 4th (out of four teams, but who cares: we had loads of fun). The pictures show some of the day's highlights.

Angela gearing up for the pumpkin shot-put
Josh rounding the hay bale in the wheelbarrow relay
Brendan chewing strong in the turnip-eating contest
Molly, Angela, Josh, & Brendan pulling the tractor
with all their might
Yup, that's the tractor we pulled.
Brendan, Josh, Molly (& Angela off-camera) in the
excellently matched tug-of-war
Contentment watching the awards ceremony

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