Thursday, October 24, 2013

Harvest Fest, Part Deux, by Angela

Harvest Fest, a Red Hill Farm tradition (from its early years) of celebrating the season with our members and friends, was a total blast. The biggest turnout of people I have ever seen on the farm, with cars filling the parking lot and then lining the fields.

Photos by Angela
A mob of children (and their folks) enjoyed a variety of activities near the children's garden while others perused the silent auction tables debating their choice bids.

Three tables-worth of potluck food were enjoyed by all, with a round of collaborative music-making near the bonfire before the sprinkles (of rain) rounded off the evening, sending everyone home blissfully delighted from an evening of great fellowship!

Busy bees around the kids' activities
Socializing before dinner!


  1. We really had a lot of fun--great group of people, both adults and kids, Sr. Ann Marie. You should have come--after all, you're the one who taught me to blog!