Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Margaret Roach's Rescue Operation: Freezing Stored Garlic/Onions, Reposted by Melinda

Onions chopped to freeze (source)
If you haven't got an appropriately cool place to store your farm garlic & onions (the fridge is a bit too cold, and your basement may be too warm--sheesh, you can't win!), there are ways to preserve them so you have farm garlic & onions year round! Margaret Roach, a blogger and former gardening editor for Martha Stewart, recommends slicing or chopping onions and putting them in freezer bags (or freezer jars, to avoid plastic). You can freeze them in amounts you typically would use in a recipe, or however you wish.
Cloves of garlic in a jar to freeze (source)
With both onion pieces and whole, peeled cloves of garlic (see above), toss them lightly in a very small amount of olive oil first, in order to reduce freezer burn, then place in jars or bags and freeze. After that, you are SET for the winter and spring! (article source) We do follow Margaret Roach's blog, "A Way to Garden," on this blog (see list of blogs in lower-left margin column).

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