Thursday, July 25, 2013

Update from Angela

Our new friends George & Wanda from Alaska helped
harvest onions--thanks!
Recently my Dad shared a profound statement applicable to both life and farming: rarely is a harvest in the same season as its seeding. As we pull massive quantities of onions out of the ground this week that were sown back in February, how much time has passed, and how the seasons have changed from their starting point.
Brendan & Molly set Torpedo onions out in the
greenhouse to cure.
The rains continue as well as the weeds, though I caught a trio of farm members weeding down in the hot peppers last Friday. What a blessing! Please feel free to weed while you harvest in the U-Pick field; we are doing our best and aiming to get on some weed crews, but in the meanwhile every tall grass pulled is helpful.
Members caught in the great act of weeding in the
U-Pick--thank you!

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