Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pesto Festo was Great, by Melinda, with thanks to Joanne!

Mingling... from left, Prince, Angela, Jeff....and a cast
of thousands!
We had a beautiful, "stilly" evening for the Pesto Festo, after what had been a hot day. Everyone was glad to chill a bit and relax, especially Brendan, who manned the Friday pickup that day.
Brendan chilling w/ Marianne, our off-farm coordinator,
and her husband
Prince provided some great music for the shindig, nice and bluesy, which complemented the laid-back atmosphere of the party.
Prince--fabulous musician
The pesto selections were all so delicious that it was really hard to judge them; mostly they were basil-based, but I believe there was one made from garlic scapes (yum). Tasting them was a tough job, but someone had to do it (!!!!!)
Judging--Marie, Joanne Rosenbaum, & others
Judging--Prince, Brendan, & Janet (I think)
The envelope please!  And the winners were Kathy Fuller and Janet Riddle!!!! So of course we had to toast to that--soft drinks, elderflower cordial (yum), and some thoughtful guest brought wine! And we continued to snack and chat into the early evening.  Joanne Rosenbaum did a great and energetic job organizing this fun event.  A toast to Joanne!
Mimi and Joanne--American Gothic!
Joan & Janet
Jeff & Marie
More mingling...
Guess who partied down in these fabulous shoes...!
Deep conversation about the meaning of life, with Mimi
and Melinda

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