Thursday, July 25, 2013

50 Ways to Prepare and Eat Sweet Corn! By Melinda

We're getting bountiful corn this week.  Brendan notes, correctly, that it's so tender and sweet that you can eat it raw from the cob!  Delicious.  But if you want to cook it, from the simplest boiling to more complex preparations, this is your key!  This comes to us courtesy of the Food Channel: click here!


  1. Oh, I do love corn on the cob--just with butter and salt! Too bad a number of the sisters I live with can't eat it! Haven't had any all summer!

  2. we love it that way too, Sr. Ann Marie--just plain w/ butter & salt. And this is such a delicate corn anyhow, it seems a shame to doll it up with lots of other strong flavors!