Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Week 4, by Angela

Hello!  This is a Full Share and Friday B-Weekly pickup week. Molly will be the farmer in the shareroom.

U-Pick options expand to include raspberries this week, mostly the black raspberries, which comprise one row, and a smattering of red raspberries in the other rows. Regarding U-Pick, I want to make a special note about quantities and containers....
Typical U-Pick boxes, though ours are a little greener

  1. Please be sure to take the right amount; if you are uncertain about what a half-pint container looks like, then please refer to the top right of the large whiteboard in the shareroom, or ask a farmer. We may not have enough of the half-pint containers, in which case you may use the pint containers, but only halfway filled. Taking the correct amount is necessary so that all the members of the farm get an equal share.
  2. Please leave the green containers here at the farm so we can reuse them. You may use them to pick your U-Pick items, then transfer the items to a bag or your own container that you brought with you.
  3. Farmers will be available if you have questions about this.
Please note that if you have pre-ordered a fruit share with Indian Orchards, it will be in the Fruit Share fridge, beginning this week.

For your menu-planning, your share this week will include Red Russian kale, fresh garlic, Tatsoi, beets, and radish greens.

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