Monday, June 10, 2013

Followup from Share Week #1, by Angela

The rainwater tanks are officially full! Torrential waterfalls spewed from the overflow spouts this past Friday during the persistent rainfall (notably, there was no waterfall in the entryway due to our new gutters, though still much flooding from the sheer quantity of liquid dropping from the sky).

Washed clean from a long winter, the rain has opened a new season on the farm in much the same way the spring-greens-filled shares may nourish your bodies with a transitioning shift. Green foods, as a whole, are purifying and promote renewal. Through the many explanations of nutrition and science that I don't fully understand, humans thrive on the consumption of chlorophyll ("the blood and green-coloring principle of plant life").
Week #1's beautiful share of garlic scapes, Tokyo bekana,
kale, romaine lettuce (huge!), & spinach!
As your body applauds the kales, lettuces, Asian greens, etcetera; may you be renewed with your return to the farm, just as the farm leaps with delight in the presence of community within the fence line. Membership is still available for your friends or family to join us this season. Please email or call (610) 558-6799 for a registration form or more information about membership. (New membership registrations will be prorated for pickup dates that have already passed.)

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