Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Week #2 Pickup, Thoughts and Ideas, by Angela

Second-Week Share
This year we're trying an experiment on the farm that connects us to the classic traditions of companion planting. The "Three Sisters" (corn, squash, and beans--see below) benefit each other in the use of space and nutrients. The corn will grow up, the squash grows out, and the beans climb the corn. (For more info on the Three Sisters, click here.)

The start of a "three sisters" planting--corn, squash & beans
Our winter squash this year has been planted alongside popcorn and dried beans (see above). It tickles my fancy to witness these plants thrive as they increase in girth and vitality. Among other things, this field is faring quite well in our eruptions of rainfall.

Unhappy lettuces
Like a forgotten bag of wet lettuce, our lettuce heads in the field (see above) have been turning to slime on the bottom, with too much hydration; good thing we plant in successions!

Grass groves next to the tomatoes
Unintentionally, the tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants have cover crops, between the rows, of some dormant ryegrass seeded far too late last season (see above). As the picture here shows, it's a bit unruly at the moment, but I have a good feeling it'll be under control by the power of the weed- whacker soon.

Workshares Mary & Sandy washing
salad greens
Josh washing fennel bulbs

All in all, we're coming together over good fresh food. Let us continue to work together both in the fields and in our thoughts.


  1. I miss you all! The pictures look great! I can just smell that Fennel!
    Love, MJ