Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dodging Raindrops, by Angela

From "Gode Cookery"
We love our taters!
My spring farm ambitions resemble a Thanksgiving plate filled on an empty stomach. New establishments of rainwater collection, berry-trellising, chickens, asparagus plants, strawberry plants... all in addition to the regular pre-season CSA preparations. Somehow the funnel of life condensed the climax of these projects into this week as we file the remaining zoning paperwork for the chickens with the township; welcome local handymen to raise gutters to the barn; and embark upon the planting extravaganza of 1000 asparagus plants, 600 strawberry plants, and about 1500 seed potatoes!

I have tunnel vision on the windows of weather, between the bouts of rain when the sky is not dripping and the fields are dry enough to prepare with a tractor.  It's a race or rather game of cleverness--or so I tell myself--to successfully dodge the raindrops and stay two steps ahead of the plants in the greenhouse and those scheduled to arrive.

Angela up early to catch the sun
Farming requires the flexibility of readiness when weather permits, which at this time of year seldom completely falls within the Monday through Friday schedule. For the most part, during my years of training I apprenticed under farmers who lived on their farms, and now I more fully understand the perks of their situations.

Red Hill Farm has been teaching me how to project overnight lows, so as to close up the greenhouse, as well as the efficiency of shifting priorities when the weather allows while I am on the farm. I don't live far away, but enough to make it worth my while to stay an extra hour to do tractor work in the sunshine and then sleep with ease as the evening rains arrive, knowing I've set the stage for our preparations to continue on schedule.
To the rain, I say "Bring it".... We're ready, best as best can be, taking a big bite off the plate of spring ambitions.  Oh, I smile to think of how delighted I am to share the steadily growing farm with the members in just a wee bit over a month.


  1. Ah, yes! There are many instances when we humans realize that we are not in charge of everything!

  2. I love the images here. Sounds like a great CSA.

  3. Fabulous post and picture!!!!