Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bloggin' for Your Noggin--Spring Growth & Additions, by Angela

The three inches of wet heavy snow on Monday, March 25th, was a big shocker this late in the year.  So happy am I, that we waited to put plants outside a little later this year. Nonetheless, our tender young seedlings were kept nice and warm in the regulated, 70-degree greenhouse. The first transplants will go out in the field next week.
Seedlings in the greenhouse with March snow outside!
The month of March was blessed with ten hard-working Neumann nursing students providing eight hours each of service-learning on the farm. With their help, the blackberries and all the raspberries got a good spring pruning as well as the beginnings of a new trellising system. The raspberry trellis will help provide air circulation to the berries as well as a bit more ease in harvest.
Black Raspberries' trellising
Brendan & Josh framing the coop
The chickens are due to arrive April 15th! We began the chicken coop construction in March and have really been plugging away now to be ready in time for our new feathered workers. Thanks to a wide variety of members, roadside pickups, and a big chunk of gratitude to Joanne Rosenbaum, for providing us with lumber from your garages for the construction. Most of this coop is built with reclaimed wood. My joy explodes with delight in re-purposing materials in this fashion. Our birds will be living in style!
Front of the chicken coop with reclaimed closet doors!


  1. Wow! You've been really busy! Never realized how much "year-round" work there is to farming!

  2. Angela, our Farm Manager, works pretty much year-round, Sr. Ann Marie--maybe a few weeks off at Christmas!