Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Slight Chicken Glitch, by Angela

Our chickens' arrival has been postponed in order to meet all township requirements and to further ready their new home. There is no concrete date right now. Just wanted to keep you informed.


  1. I heard that the Township had given permission and that what was needed was the material to build the coop. Spare plywood, anyone?

  2. Have you some spare plywood, oh Muse of the Cubie Gulag?!

  3. Hi Angela and Melinda,

    I'm a newbie to Red Hill this season but was so looking forward to fresh, organic, pastured eggs each week! I'm also an Aston resident. Is there anything I can do to advocate on behalf of Red Hill to the Township?

  4. Hi Sarifletch, and welcome to Red Hill! I'm sure Angela will contact you if she needs help, but my impression is it was just a matter of submitting final zoning papers. So nice of you to offer!