Friday, February 22, 2013

Ix-Nay on the Arket-May for Feb. 23rd, by Melinda

You all surely have gotten the email from Angela that the Winter Market we'd planned for tomorrow, Saturday, February 23rd, has been cancelled (see post just below) due to overly bitter lettuce and not enough of everything else to warrant a market.  Ole Man Winter's temps (see left) have been just a bit too frigid for a bit too long to foster the amount of greens we need to keep you supplied tomorrow. BUT, the next Winter Market will be Saturday, March 9th, when there should be a significantly greater quantity and variety of tasty greens available!  And that's just a couple weeks before the Spring Equinox (Wednesday, March 20th), when the amount of daylight and darkness are equal. After that, the days gradually get longer than the nights, which gives our hoophouse lovelies exactly the boost they need!

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