Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blogulations, by Farmer Angela Kidder!

Angela (photo credit)
The thrill, desire, and hunger for fresh winter vegetables is more than apparent in the Winter Market's sustained clearance record.  The experience, and stories thereof, are reminiscent of a rally for "no vegetable left behind!"  I cherish that your meals may now include luscious, nutrient-dense, local greens throughout the winter months.  Devorah is doing a wonderful job with this project, shining her bright green thumb every other Saturday upon the bounty displayed on the tables.  Our plan is to continue the markets through the month of May, which brings us right up to the beginning of the CSA season. (2013 CSA memberships are still available; you can email us at for a registration form or more information.)

Our Winter Market is raising funds for a flock of chickens.  After a good portion of last year spent requesting an exception to local ordinance restrictions, Red Hill Farm was granted permission by the Township of Aston to welcome up to twenty-four chickens to the property this coming spring.  The chickens will be aiding in the conversion of our compost, the sustainability of our crop rotations, and the overall diversity of life on the Farm.  Thank you for helping fund this venture through your support of our Winter Markets, and thank yourselves for nourishing your bodies with fresh, local food.

The Market schedule for the remainder of January and February:

  • Friday, January 25th, from 4pm to 6pm (this market will be held inside the barn to provide lighting for the dark part of the evening)
  • Saturday, February 9th, from 10am to Noon (like all of our other Markets, except January 25th, this one will be held inside the hoophouse closest to the barn)
  • Saturday, February 23rd, from 10am to Noon (likewise, in the hoophouse)

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