Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Glory of the Day, by Angela

"Oh what a day!  Glorious!
Gather 'round
There's nothing better
Than a friend
Oh what a day!  Glorious!
The smell of rain
Has hitched a ride
Upon the wind
I've got good friends
To the left of me
And good friends
To my right
Got the open sky above me
And the earth beneath my feet
Got a feeling in my heart
That's singin'
All in life is sweet
Oh what a day!"

~MaMuse, Glorious,

Ma Muse Album, The Integration of the Awkward
Art by Mara Friedman (source)
MaMuse is a duo of wonderful female musicians that I had the pleasure of enjoying in person during my time in Chico, California. The song listed above has been murmuring through my head incessantly during this week, with the return of the summer rains and time again mingling in the share room. Such a simple reminder of appreciation and gratitude to claim the days for the beauty within them, as we peak out in our heirloom tomato harvests and welcome the arrival of the blackberries.

It has been rather a fall-like week on the farm as our temperatures have dropped, and the yearly task of clearing off fence vines is in full swing. Hurry up and wait continues to be the mantra of this season, as we ebb and flow with the weather once again. It's never boring here, and as predictably as plants want to grow, we are experiencing new perspectives every week with what is possible in this quantity of rain and the vigor of the plants.
Crazy Bed Head Raspberries!
Take our raspberries, for instance (see photo above). I thought the trellising system would hold these power-packed canes, but it appears that they really do desire to continue their "crazy-bed-head-flying-all-over-the-place" look, with just a minimal amount contained within the wires. Oh well, I'll continue working on that delicious dilemma.

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