Saturday, May 25, 2013

Shares Are Starting! By Angela

Our season is nearly upon us, with the first shares starting Tuesday, June 4th. I just want to highlight a couple things before we start:

  • PAYMENTS--If you chose the two- or three-payment option, your second payment is due by Friday, June 7th. Failure to make payments on time will result in $10.00 per week late fees and forfeiture of your share until payment is made.
  • START DATES--Full shares will all begin the first week of June. Tuesday Bi-Weekly shares begin June 4th.  Friday Bi-Weekly shares begin June 14th.
  • FARM BLOG--The blog has replaced our former newsletter and is the best format for us to share detailed news about the farm and recipes with you. (
I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU to sign up to follow the blog by email if you have not done so already. At the very top of the right-hand column is the widget that says "Follow by Email." All you have to do is type your email address into the little white box there, click "Submit," then identify some squiggly writing in a box that pops up after you hit submit, and finally click on the bar that says "Complete Subscription Request."

If you do this, you'll be notified by email each time there's a new blog post, and you can either go to the blog directly or by clicking on the active link in the email.  Or, alternatively, you can just read the blog post in your email itself. Once you sign up to follow by email, there's no need to sign in on the blog page.
Harvesters, 15th-century manuscript
The farm is looking quite lush nowadays. Brendan, Josh, and I have had a planting extravaganza the last two days, emptying the greenhouse and further filling the fields. The raspberries that were planted last year look like a hedge already!  I can't wait to share this place and the bounty with all of you.  See you soon!

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